Geoff Sebesta (megatexas) wrote in draw_hard,
Geoff Sebesta

stuff's a-happenin'

Buying the Staple tables today. Chris liked the idea, says he has the perfect place for us. I'll find out what he means by that and even get pictures., if you're not familiar with the show.

After we pay for the tables it looks like we'll have a surplus, which I propose could be spent on materials for the banner. Zach wants to buy some art supplies and do them by hand.

We could also do a page or two for the Staple anthology. Some cool ideas for that.

A new web site is coming soon! At the moment we have four designers and no design, so somebody toss out an idea.

These and other things are best discussed while drunk, of course, so come to Drinking and Drawing on November 16th, at Rio Rita's. Litsa and I checked the place out yesterday and it looks pretty darn good. Here's the map again:

View Larger Map

It can be strangely hard to find so don't even bother looking for it. Just go east on 6th Street until you pass Attayac, park your car and go stand on the north sidewalk and there it is!

EDIT: Why can I not post the google map correctly? What sort of tag does LJ require?
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