Geoff Sebesta (megatexas) wrote in draw_hard,
Geoff Sebesta

99 Problems but a Dinosaur Ain't One

Drinking and Drawing was everything it was supposed to be. It was also tremendous fun.

About ten people showed up. Here's a terrible picture from my cell phone:

Good times. It started slow and quiet and everybody was spending all their time drawing and not making stupid jokes or falling over. But then we almost got in a fistfight with a drunk Eurotrash guy and it was really fun after that.

I think we worked on seven different stories (although Ismael did a flawless job of welding two of them together into one incoherent whole). I only took one home to scan with me, the longest and worst drawn and craziest of them all. I present to you:

DINOPROBLEMS, by Autobiographosaurus!

Story started by me (Geoff, that is), because I think dinosaurs on lined paper are the epitome of awesome.

This is the page I was working on when the fight almost broke out. It's funny that that's what we left 6th Street to get away from...

Zach takes over halfway through the second panel.

(literally, halfway. I drew the butt and he drew the head)

Zach's done; Madison takes a shot.

I did this one. Note the mosquito from last page makes a cameo appearance in the top panel.

I did the first two, the third one was done by some drunk girl at the bar.

If this is confusing, it's because Autobiographosaurus now converses with the dinosaur he just killed. Here's a translation of the third panel's Drunklish:

I might survive if you and the monster dinos leave now! I've tried to explain the difference of the options.

Clint takes center stage!
Also, shading makes its first appearance on Autobiographosaurus.

Margaret breaks it down for Autobiographosaurus. Tell 'im, Dino-ghost!

Back to Clint.

and Robert brings it on home.

Note that this is the first drinking and drawing comic ever with a beginning, middle, and end! Thank you, Robert; before this nobody imagined such things were possible.

It turned out great! Even better than we expected. Thanks everybody for coming and we will definitely, definitely, definitely do it again.

The other five-and-two-halves will be scanned and posted pretty soon on our new web site,

Rio Rita loves us. We drank hard and tipped well and behaved with grace when screaming Eurotrash tried to steal our chairs. Lisa, the barista, is a saint.

To sum up:

We rock.
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