A Monkey with a Pencil (shirokumavidar) wrote in draw_hard,
A Monkey with a Pencil


I'm new to this LJ community.
Made it to The Hideout once a while back, but couldn't make it after that due to distance, obligations, blah-blah-blah uninteresting stuff.

My name is Zach. I do the art for www.quackarena.com.
My life as an artist has definately picked up steam since last year so I wanted to reach back out and say Hi. Especially since the ASG site seemed to got kaput.

I met Chris from Staple at the Texas Book Fair panel on Comic Art and Texas and after talking about getting a table he mentioned that the sketch group had started meeting up north as well as at The Hideout. I was curious if this were correct because I'd like to meet if possible, and The Hideout is a bit of a drive for me.

Anyway, Just wanted to say "Hi there".

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