Miss Dee Kupps: Diary of a Southern JezaBelle (missdeekupps) wrote in draw_hard,
Miss Dee Kupps: Diary of a Southern JezaBelle

Dr. Sketchy is February 16th from 5-8pm at Elysium

Hey kids! Join us Saturday February 16th at our old haunt, Elysium. We will be joined by a lovely regular of Elysium, Lady Watanabe. She will grace us with her deadly beauty.

So come draw with us!

It’s right after Valentines day, so bring those days old roses and let’s celebrate.So bring your thirst, your art supplies and your dancing shoes as we celebrate the human form.

Saturday, Feb 16
5-8 pm
Chairs $10
Tables $15

***RSVP your preference to missd@austinsketchy.com**** (21 and up only)

For pictures and more info about our figure drawing sessions, check us out at http://www.austinsketchy.com/.
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