Geoff Sebesta (megatexas) wrote in draw_hard,
Geoff Sebesta


Just got our table assignment for Staple:

and in some very good company indeed. Check here:

We have three tables; one for nifty professional-looking stuff, one for crazy indy stuff, and one big table where people can draw.

So to all members of ASG: Bring stuff to sell! This is a great chance to sell prints and original artwork. As you can see we will have three full tables worth of wall space to fill. Don't forget to bring stuff to fix it to the wall with -- and I don't know what the walls are made of, either. So bring thumbtacks and tape and easels and what have you. We'll have space.

also good to bring:

drawing materials for the drawing table.
snacks (like cookies and crackers)

and as many people as you can. This will be kid-friendly. Tell your kids to bring stuff to sell too.
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