Miss Dee Kupps: Diary of a Southern JezaBelle (missdeekupps) wrote in draw_hard,
Miss Dee Kupps: Diary of a Southern JezaBelle

Dr. Sketchy this Saturday with Cella Blue of the White Ghosts Shivers!

Dr. Sketchy is not your daddy's figure drawing class. Dr. Sketchy is what happens when cabaret meets art school.  
We mix sketching and Scotch, art with Amaretto and models with Manhattans. In addition to our relaxed artistic environment, we offer games and prizes and a killer live dj to keep the tunes on as the clothes come off. 

Join us from 5-8pm at Elysium Saturday night for drinking, drawing and debauchery as we bring you Ms. Cella Blue from White Ghost Shivers as our October model.  Chairs are $10 and tables for one are $15. This is a 21 and up event. Please RSVP as we will sell out of spots. Email MissD@austinsketchy.com with your name and seating preferences. 

For more information, you can find out more about us here: http://www.austinsketchy.com/
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