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Hello, I know most of us don't use livejournal any more (we're all on Facebook now) but there are things afoot and I thought I'd post here.

First, I'd like to answer, once and for all, the question of "whether or not Sketchgroup still meets." Here is this handy diagram:

You can also go here:

Which is not very complicated any more. Basically it's a links page. If you're part of ASG and you want your links on this page, let us know.


We're doing a newsletter. One side of the paper is collected art from ASG attendees and the other is a single large image from one person. If you'd like free copy of the newsletter please respond here or to and we will snailmail them to you.


We have an art show up right now at the Hideout. It's a very, very good show; one of our strongest yet. There'll be a closing party on November 1st, which is Sunday, so we'll have ASG and then a party. And lots of food and drink.

So, basically, people will be hanging out and drawing and eating and drinking a bit from 2pm until closing that day. That's all we have planned so far, maybe someone has more ideas.


It would be good to figure out who's interested and how many tables we're getting. It's already past the early registration deadline.
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