z_bill (z_bill) wrote in draw_hard,

Jelly? It's this deal where you work.

My friend, Dusty, is hosting this deal called "Jelly" in Austin. It's basically a bunch of dudes who get together at a place and work on their own stuff for a full work day. He asked me to invite sketch group. Check it out!

"I'm trying to get some momentum behind Jelly in Austin. Jelly is an
every-so-often casual co-working session. Anyone is welcome to come,
bring your laptop, art supplies, or whatever you need to work, and
work alongside other creative, fun people.

Our first event is Friday November 2nd at Genuine Joe's Coffeehouse and
goes from 10am to 5pm. There's no agenda. It's simply an opportunity
for unique people to get together and work alongside one another.
Hopefully exchanging ideas and making new connections.

To get involved check out Jelly in Austin.

And if you can make the Nov 2nd get-together PLEASE RSVP here."

It may be mostly web programmers or something, but I'm going! Just think of it as an extended ASG.
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