Geoff Sebesta (megatexas) wrote in draw_hard,
Geoff Sebesta

rough version of ASG page

OK, here's a very rough version of the ASG page for the Staple brochure. PLEASE HELP ME I NEED HELP OH MY GOD HELP ME *ahem* what I meant to say is, comments and assistance would be greatly appreciated.

OK, here's what's left to do:

The lettering is all placeholder fonts and needs to be redone.

Every panel could use LOTS of cleanup and correction except for panels five, six, and eight, which have not yet been drawn at all.

The plan is to use Carey's joke for five, six, and eight, except with Autobiographosaurus; to wit, in five, he's sitting on the toilet drawing, in six, there are lots of dinosaurs sitting on lots of toilets drawing, and in eight, there are dinosaurs and ninjas sitting on toilets drawing.

It all needs to get done by the 28th of December, for that is the deadline.

Sorry, y'all, I sort of dropped the ball on this one. I have a good excuse. I can finish it by myself but I would really, truly appreciate an assist.
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